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Kingspan Logstor Cross Section

• The low thermal conductivity of polyurethane foam delivers very high insulating performance, saving you fuel and furnace loading time – this also allows for a smaller overall jacket size relative to other insulating materials.

• The entire system is made of plastic; there is nothing to corrode over time.

• The PEX-Flex carrier pipe is made of cross linked polyethylene (PEX) with EVOH coating which prevents oxygen from penetrating the pipe wall and entering the heating system.

• PEX-Flex is “bonded” and “self-compensating” with respect to expansion an contraction… meaning the carrier pipe(s), insulation and jacket are mechanically linked to one another and move collectively.

• All PEX-Flex pipe systems come equipped with a “smart” membrane (diffusion barrier) between the outer casing and the insulation. This leak proof diffusion barrier prevents (cyclopentane) gas in the foam from escaping through the jacket and being replaced by atmospheric air with reduced insulating properties – a process called ageing. This keeps the operating performance high throughout out the service life of the pipe.

• The pipe installs quickly and easily without solvent welding, special tools or heavy equipment resulting in lower installed cost when compared to other insulating methods.

• No drainage tile, sand/gravel fill or deep/wide trench required. PEX-Flex can be shallow buried even in high water table areas.

• Flexibility of coiled PEX-Flex often eliminates the need for joints, elbows and fittings – plus custom ‘cut-to-length’ sections eliminate waste.

• Lasts indefinitely – paying for itself many times over.