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In 1984, Gerry Reed, President of Heatmor™, made a commitment to build the best performing and long lasting outdoor wood furnace on the market. In 1988 he began constructing Heatmor™ furnaces with heavy gauge 409 stainless steel, the most corrosion resistant, durable material that could also be easily molded into an efficient and cost effective design.

Heatmor™, developed several unique safety and performance features.

• Water-cooled Firebox door, eliminates warpage and increases heat transfer to water.
• Anti Rollout Device, reduces fire flashback when opening firebox door.
• Over/Under Forced Air Draft, for more efficient burn than other natural draft systems.
• Double Door System, preheats air drawn into furnace and protects against unwanted access.
• Ash Auger System, easily accessible from the rear, means never having to shovel out ashes.

Heatmor™ stainless steel outdoor wood burning furnaces are easy to load and maintain, efficient to operate and available in a wide choice of attractive colours. Each furnace is designed, tested and proven to outlast mild steel brands up to three times longer. And, isn’t that what you want in an outdoor wood furnace?