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Years of research and development have gone into the design of all outdoor furnaces and have resulted in a furnace that offers safety and convenience as well as high performance and efficiency. To insure maximum operator safety we feature a water-cooled firedoor, fully insulated housing and a CSA-CSA/US approved A.R.D. (Anti-Rollout Device) that guards against flashback. Features such as an ash removal auger, bladder system and forced-air draft make Heatmor™ outdoor furnaces easy and efficient to operate and maintain. The large capacity firebox and firedoor opening allow for large amounts of to be loaded with ease.


Until recently, heating with wood meant installing a wood stove or fireplace, splitting wood, hauling it into the home and the inconvenience of feeding the fire several times a day. In addition, you have the risk of fire, the effect of smoke on respiratory and allergy conditions, and the constant mess of having wood in the home.

The benefits of having an outdoor Heatmor TM furnace include:

• NO MESS or wood insects in your home
• NO WOOD smoke irritating your family’s respiratory or allergy conditions
• NO RISK OF FIRE in your home from outdoor furnace
• NO WORRY of carbon monoxide poisoning due to gas fumes
• NO SPLITTING & HAULING of wood into your home

They conclude that control of the greenhouse effect could be achieved if more homes reduced their use of fossil fuels and relied more on wood for heating and other energy uses. Careful pruning and harvesting of overgrown forests not only provides fuel for outdoor furnaces, it promotes regrowth of healthy trees that absorb three times as much CO2 as is released when wood burns.




• HEAVY GAUGE 409 STAINLESS STEEL is used in all assemblies that come in contact with fire and water, protects against corrosion and warpage, increasing the life of your furnace up to three times longer than mild steel.

• UNIQUE MODULAR DESIGN allows individual assemblies to easily be removed and replaced.

• STAINLESS STEEL CHIMNEY lasts longer than mild steel.

• WATER-COOLED FIREBOX DOOR, exclusive to HEATMOR, eliminates warpage and increases heat transfer efficiency to water jacket.

• SEMI-CLOSE LOOP SYSTEM reduces evaporation.


• OVER/UNDER FORCED AIR DRAFT, with adjustable blower, increases efficiency of burn over natural draft systems.

• THE DOUBLE DOOR DESIGN provides preheated air to be drawn into the over/underforced air draft system, increasing the efficiency of the burn.

• FIREBRICK LINED FIREBOX allows for a hotter, more complete burn.

• ASH AUGER CHAMBER and CAST IRON GRATES in the firebox provide efficient combustion that burns wood into a fine powder, providing for easy removal of ashes without a shovel.

• EXIT FLUE is surrounded by water enabling additional heat transfer to water.

• REAR ACCESS DOOR for easy access of plumbing, maintenance andAQUASTATS.

• BLADDER SYSTEM reduces water loss.


• OUTER DOOR LOCK prevents unwanted access.

• INSULATED OUTER DOOR and WATER-COOLED FIREBOX DOOR provide cool surfaces for extra protection when loading wood.

• ANTI ROLLOUT DEVICE and INNER DOOR SAFETY LATCH reduce flashback when opening furnace door.

• CSA and CSA/US tested and approved.

• OUR NON-PRESSURIZED SYSTEM prevents pressure build up in the water jacket.

• THE ATTRACTIVE R-19, R-25 INSULATED HOUSING protects electrical and plumbing components while providing cool surfaces for children or passersby.

• RELIEF VENT utilizes a weighted rubber stop to prevent pressure build-up in the water jacket and greatly reduces evaporation.

• AUTOMATIC FAN SWITCH reduces fire flashback when opening firebox door.


• MESS from smoke, ash, and wood is outside.

• USE UNSPLIT WOOD up to 50 inches.

• LONG BURN TIMES, load no more than twice a day.

• LARGE WATER-COOLED FIREBOX DOOR allows for easy loading.

• WIRED for easy electrical hookup.

• MULTIPLE HOOK UPS allow you to heat more than one building/heating system from the same furnace, including your home, domestic hot water, swimming pool, hot tub, garage, workshop, greenhouse, or farm shop.

• ASH AUGER SYSTEM provides for easy removal of ash from the rear of the furnace.

• EASY REAR ACCESS CHIMNEY FLUE for general maintenance.